Little Si hike – a “little” hike with big views

A downpour that suddenly started at around 10 am and stopped equally abruptly at 2 pm – the capricious rain gods are who I need to thank, for being able to find parking at the popular Little Si trailhead. As soon as the rain stopped, I drove out to the trailhead, only to find it not crowded at all.

Big views from Little Si

I did not even cross a lot of other hiking groups during my hike and enjoyed long stretches of solitude in the fern and moss covered forest leading to the summit of this rocky bluff called Litte Si. Little Si hike with its 3.7 miles with 1300 feet of elevation gain, is considered a baby hike by veteran hikers, and a training ground for little-budding- hiker kids. But perhaps I was very tired or perhaps I am a very budding hiker myself, but I found the hike to be a big workout!

The hike takes you through a delightful forest.
Even the boulders are covered in moss!

However the hiking and climbing was worth it, as the trail passes through verdant woods that appear truly enchanted, with even the boulders appearing lush green with moss.

This view right here, made the whole hike worthwhile.
It was wasn’t so windy, I would have lingered here for longer.

And the views at the small crest at the top, of Mt. Si, Mt. Tenerife , and other peaks, are sublime!

Peaks of the Cascades mountain range covered in late winter snow.
Mt. Si – next hike on the agenda!

Some other highlights of the hike included a little creek that created a happy chirping waterfall as it made its way down the rocks, a lovely red bridge (whoever chose that color, high-five!!) and the lovely rapids of the blue-green Snoqualmie river.

The always lovely Snoqualmie river.
When you love bridges, you do photograph lovely little red ones!

Please indulge and inspire me – what has been your favorite hike or walk or stroll in all your travels?

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