Lets share travel stories!


While a finance professional during the day, my alter ago is always plotting the next travel adventure. I caught the travel bug late in life (I did not even have a passport till the age of 24!) and now I am making up for lost time.

One day I realized that in addition to actually travelling, I greatly enjoy telling stories of the places I have been to, and also listening to travel stories of everyone else. A travel blog seemed a legitimate way to prevent me from becoming a “menace to the society” in my own ways during the time I was not actually travelling.

Through this blog, I try to relive the theΒ travels experiences and keep the wanderlust alive.

I now live in New York but I have traveled more in Europe than in the US (I am trying to correct that fast!). So you will find more posts about Europe in this blog. I am also in love with New York & hopefully, my posts will reflect that.

For more about me and the blog, here is a link to a Q&A with the prolific Andy from Andy’s World Journeys blog.

I really like to share travel stories and get more travel inspiration; so please do share yours with me, through comments or links to your own blog.



PS – As of November 2018, we have moved across the continent to Seattle, US. Now the blog would see less of Central Park and more of the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Still, I have left a piece of my heart in the Big Apple πŸ™‚

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    1. My pleasure, Magdalena πŸ™‚ I visited Siena in 2010, only for a few hours, enroute from Rome to Florence… We did not plan for it, but it turned out to be the day of the Palio… We sat and watched the race on TV right next to the square where the race was actually happening! Thus, I have great memories of Siena πŸ™‚


  1. Heyy shikha,
    Thanks for liking my blog! Congrats for the new DSLR. Trust me, learning the concepts is pretty easy, applying them is more tricky! Do have a look at my early posts, I do deal with the basics like ISO, aperture, shutter speed, flash etc… and i hope you ll find them useful!
    Good luck, and happy shooting πŸ™‚

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  2. hey shikha thank u for following my blog….. ur photogtaphy is superp ,,,,,umm if i get to have a photoshoot will sure luv if u do that for me lol…… umm on a serious note ur picture are beautiful :)…. with amazing stuff

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  3. Shikha – I love touring through your travels. You gave me a laugh when you said you didn’t get travel bug until late and didn’t get your passport until you were 24. I didn’t get mine until I was 48. I have always had the travel bug since I was a small child and would ask anyone visiting if I could go with them – never cared where as long as we were going somewhere. You photos are very nice and I shall continue to follow your travel adventures.

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  4. I’m like you ! I was 25 the first time I flew out of Europe. I’ve never had a passport but now, I’ve caught the travel bug πŸ™‚

    Maybe you will change my vision of New York. I’ve spent 5 days over there, but it didn’t blew my mind.

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    1. Thank you so much, darwinontherocks! πŸ™‚ You have a stunning blog, and I am looking forward to following your adventures.
      Ha, ha – thanks for sharing your candid opinion about New York. New York is polluted, noisy and brims with over the top consumerism, but its home as of now πŸ™‚


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