The best sunset I have ever seen.

The islands of Hawaii have stunning coastlines, beautiful beaches, lush green mountains,  volcanoes and craters, but a place of pride belongs to the sunsets. Enjoying sunsets is a bit of a ritualistic community activity in Hawaii, where everyone stops what they are doing and head to the beach or the lanai (Hawaiian for balcony)  or the edge of their infinity pool to see the sun … Continue reading The best sunset I have ever seen.

Lush green drive in Hawaii

Normally when I see the theme for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, I post the first picture that comes to my mind. When I thought about “dense”, I immediately thought of the our drive from Kahului to Hana in the island of Maui, Hawaii.  The Hana highway passes through dense vegetation made up of many different plants, flowers and trees, and you get a distinct … Continue reading Lush green drive in Hawaii

10 Things about Hawaii

Until I visited the islands of Maui and Oahu, I thought I could collectively refer to (and dismiss) all the Hawaiian islands as simply Hawaii. Oh, but that is the view of the uninformed! The reason is that each of the separate islands has so much to offer. I only experienced one tenth of the tip of an iceberg containing beaches, national parks, rocky coastlines … Continue reading 10 Things about Hawaii

No twists, no glory – Weekly photo challenge “Twist”

You have done your research and have meticulously read and reread the guidebook. As you embark upon on the drive, full of twists, turns and hairpin bends, you try to fight the very last smudge of doubt – what if the whole experience, after all the twists and turns, is not worth it? For this week’s photo challenge – Twist, I have selected the fruits … Continue reading No twists, no glory – Weekly photo challenge “Twist”