Washington D.C. continued – Gardens, Archives and more.

On the Saturday of the Thanksgiving weekend, I thought (quite naively, in hindsight) that it might be a great idea to see the Christmas display in the National Botanic Gardens. I was totally enticed by the description of tiny trains passing through many miniature twinkling lighthouses in an artificially created fog, amidst landscape created in amazing detail solely with plants. We could not have chosen … Continue reading Washington D.C. continued – Gardens, Archives and more.

Washington D.C. at leisure

Where do you stand with hop-on hop-off bus tours? Yay on the convenience of not having to take public transport or taxis to navigate between the important sites, and nay on being stuck in traffic? Unfortunately, once we “hop on”, we don’t easily “hop-off”. This held true when we once took a long mind-numbing long loop tour of Paris, not sure when to click pictures, … Continue reading Washington D.C. at leisure